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Aside from me being an international development worker, and willing to promote community development, there is another very strong reason why I want to raise money to implement this POWER Lunch. That is my personal connection with children. I have always enjoyed being with children and at some point, working with and for kids became one of my Ikigai, a Japanese term that has been recently been recognized internationally. It is often translated as “meaning of being” but more accurately, it is the combination of “your values”, “things you like to do”, and “things you are good at”.

This picture was when I visited one of the families in the community Nilda (older sister) and Grizelda (little sister). I gain great pleasure when I am with them (and I hope they enjoy time with me as well…. crossed fingers). Being a field worker and working with a group of people to promote community development is not an easy task AT ALL. Often, we face difficulties and tend to lose our hope or motivation. But we all have something inside us that keeps us going and makes us passionate about development. And for me, it is related to children. As much as I love them, realizing that they are still facing a daily health struggle and having limited opportunity stimulates my eagerness to expand their freedom and opportunity. It might sound cheesy but it is true and something that I am proud about.

Working children in Cuncani surely makes me feel my Ikigai. Not only for this fundraising activity but working with and for children will be something I will want to pursue all my life.


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